Love Reading loves Ice Cooper and the Depton Shadelings.

a great fast paced read for any confident reader that likes fantasy and mystery all still firmly rooted in a word we are familiar with

Love Reading reviewer

A supernatural eco thriller aimed at 9 – 13 year olds. As if starting a new school in a new town wasn’t enough, now Ice has seen the strange creatures from her dreams. And where is her mother? And then there are the floods and the earthquakes. Ice always seems to know when people are lying and some of them are those closest to her. What has it all to do with the fracking company her father works for?

Reader reviews for ‘Ice Cooper and the Depton Shadelings’:

“Really enjoyed reading this, couldn’t put it down”

“An exciting read with relatable characters and a timely plot.”

“A brilliant read! It will appeal to all ages, even though it is recommended for 9 – 13 years.”

Dexter is no ordinary duck. He’s been part of the Duckworth family since he fell into their pond as a duckling. When he and James, his human friend, find themselves in Goblin Earth, they’ll have to save each other and solve the problem of the goblin changeling back home. Help comes from an unexpected source, but it’ll be dangerous and challenging for them both. Dexter would rather put his feet up and watch old films on the telly, but he and James both know you don’t abandon your friends. This exciting story of a duck and his boy will appeal to children of all ages who love tales of adventure and magic.