Two books in the Ice Cooper series. Depton Shadelings and Beast of Bale.


“I liked the tension and the mystery that builds throughout the book and I was intrigued to see how each nuance was going to be resolved.”

“…a great fast paced read for any confident reader that likes fantasy and mystery all still firmly rooted in a world we are familiar with.”

~ LoveReading review

“I very much enjoyed the setting and the fantasy elements that J A Bowler wove into the story.”

~ Peter J. McKenna

“Really enjoyed reading this, couldn’t put it down”

“A gripping read.”

“An exciting read with relatable characters and a timely plot.”

“A brilliant read! It will appeal to all ages, even though it is recommended for 9 – 13 years.”

~ Amazon customer reviews

“The story is a wonderful bedside reader for the child with an adventurous heart. We get to watch as they visit another world, outwit goblins, and ultimately win the day. My son enjoys it and, frankly, I do to.”

“A clever book for children of a range of ages (6-12). The story itself is fun, exciting and easy to follow with a great array of characters.”

~ Amazon customer reviews

“this booklet is an absolute go-to for all of the children in Year 6”

~ Nick Williams, Assistant Head


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