Nasty secrets are kept at Bale.

Just what are the strange bird-beasts that only she seems to notice, and what do they want from her? Can it be true as the witch-woman says, that the fabric between worlds grows thin at Halloween?

Nasty secrets are kept at Bale, she is certain, but the blazing countryside threatens everything – her family, her friendships, and her very survival.

Ice Cooper and the Beast of Bale is the exciting second book in the Ice Cooper series of contemporary, environmental YA thrillers with a touch of the supernatural. Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Smashwords.

Something’s wrong in Depton.

As if starting a new school in a new town wasn’t enough, now Ice has seen the strange creatures from her dreams. And where is her mother? And then there are the floods and the earthquakes. Ice always seems to know when people are lying and some of them are those closest to her. What has it all to do with the fracking company her father works for?

Ice Cooper and the Depton Shadelings is the exciting first story in the Ice Cooper series of supernatural ecothrillers for YA. Get the book or ebook from amazon, Barnes and Noble, Smashwords or ask your favourite bookshop.

Nobody wants to be eaten by goblins.

Dexter is no ordinary duck. He’s been part of the Duckworth family since he fell into their pond as a duckling. When he and James find themselves in Goblin Earth, they have to save each other and solve the problem of the goblin changeling. Help comes from an unexpected source, but it’ll be dangerous and challenging for them both.

The Improbable Adventures of Dexter Duckworth, Part 1: Goblin Earth is an exciting story of a duck and his boy that will appeal to children of all ages who love tales of adventure and magic. Get the book or ebook from amazon, Barnes and Noble or ask your favourite bookshop.

Take your craft to the next level

A wonderfully helpful booklet, with Key Stage 2 and 3 in mind, but suitable for everyone aiming to improve their writing. This handy companion for teachers and pupils contains a carefully curated selection of useful words, phrases, tips and tricks to take any writer’s work to the next level.

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Coming soon

The third and final book in the Ice Cooper trilogy.

Murder in Meon: the real life mystery that predates Ice’s encounter with the shadelings

The improbable Adventures of Dexter Duckworth, Part 2: The Water Nymph 


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