Season’s End – J A Bowler

A supernatural short story set in Ireland

Yolanda had saved the day hadn’t she? An ancient goddess was quite something to turn the tide at the conference. But playing with forces outside your control is always a tricky option.

If the flipbook does not work for you, you can download the pdf here.


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6 replies on “Freebies”

Hey! Your short story was mind-blowing, it was fascinating honestly. I loved it a lot, it inspired me to start working faster on my own chapbook and short story. I downloaded the PDF and shared it with my friends.

Thank you Somiee! I’m so glad it inspired you and yes, do share it. Stories need to be read! Now get on with that chapbook! 🙂

A will o’ the wisp tale of current importance – neatly put. Should be part of all children’s lexicon on the impending curse of climate change