Working with Schools

Free Author Visits and Workshops for Schools – Warwickshire, the West Midlands and Online.


I was a class teacher for 27 years and love sharing the writing process with children. I am happy to talk to large or small groups and to accommodate any aspect or theme to suit the school or class teacher.

I am very happy to do author visits within a 10-mile radius of Warwick. If you are further afield, do contact me to check.

Visits and workshops are free.

What is included in a visit?

A visit can include assemblies, whole school or class workshops and can cover any or all of the following:

Writing and/or illustration workshops

Guided reading

SATs focus reading skills workship

Q and A with the author

  • The writing process
  • Where I get my ideas
  • Getting published
  • What it’s like being an author

After-school club

Bespoke content according to your school needs

*Covid-19 update: Depending on the ongoing situation with the coronavirus, in-person school visits may not always be possible.

Writing Resource for Schools

As a KS2 UK primary class teacher and English subject leader, I developed a range of resources to support writing. One of these was a useful but rather unwieldy collection of A4 sheets that provided enhanced vocabulary and writing guidance. To make life easier, I eventually consolidated them into a comprehensive booklet that became a must-have for every writing session, helping numerous children improve their texts. The refined version of this booklet is now available as this handy companion for teachers and pupils, containing a carefully curated selection of useful words, phrases, tips, and tricks to take written work to the next level.

Best used as a class set, always available on desks during writing and editing. Available from amazon.

This is what Nick Williams, Assistant Head of a Warwickshire Primary had to say:

“As an experienced Year 6 teacher, this booklet is an absolute go-to for all of the children in Year 6 and we encourage its use further down KS2 as well. Not only does it provide ideas for the children, but it gives them the autonomy to add more variety and ambitious structures to their writing without them having to nag their teacher for a thesaurus or a synonym. If you implement this in your classroom, you will find children using it for all of their writing, because they want to, not because you ask them to. “