Welcome to my author site

If nothing else, the combination of retirement from teaching and Covid-19 has provided ample opportunity for all the things that are required of an independent author/publisher. They are many and varied and the website is just one.

So this is new, but in fact I am not new to making them. I think my first website was back in the 90s in the bad old days of the Internet when it was like the Wild West – populated by late night surfers, techy types from Holland and Australia and intrepid folk who could withstand the harsh criticism of strangers. I’m a survivor of the original Flame Wars. 21st Century trolling has nothing on those days!

And yet, here I am, still trying to get it right. That original site was all bad html and a jumble of things all thrown together. It’s easier now – and harder. I don’t think design was ever my strong point. Portraits, I can paint – there you’re just observing light and shade and blocks of colour. Putting it together creatively is trickier.

And then there are the features. What to include and leave out? Should I have a separate page for the artwork? Should I include links to anything else? Would the academic writing be a distraction? Some authors have freebies to help develop relationships and build mailing lists. Would some short stories be appropriate? I’m independently publishing too. Would that be a new link or a new website?

Anyway – those questions are bound to be answered over the coming months as my learning curve in this business goes up exponentially. In the opposite direction to Covid-19, I hope.

Stay safe and happy reading!